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C-type Prints 


The title EUGOMA comes from the name of my families first Caravan. It is a compilation of my grandparents and mothers’ names, Eunice, Godfrey and Amanda. My family would take countless trips to the seaside which quickly became a second home for them. Holidays there helped us bond and the memories of our time there played a key role in forming our identity as a family.


The caravan was based in Skegness a typical working-class seaside resort. My work explores the traditional British seaside holiday depicted from a very personal perspective. I combine images that are part of my family album and new work I made when I visited the caravan. The archive of images I have compiled are snapshots that capture the moments and memories of my time there. In my more recent photographs, I wanted to look afresh at the locations and spaces that brought so much joy to my family. Making the work has given me the chance to reflect on my own childhood experiences.


The work considers the central role that photography plays in constructing social and family identity. In part, it was made as a response to the recent lockdown – when family gatherings and holidays have not been permitted. Missing this connection to those close to me has given me a chance to reflect on this archive and my family history.

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