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Skegness Caravan Etc


Animated GIFs


The family album is a unique place, they are documents that capture the very existence of a family. They record a family’s history to preserve memories, moments and emotions so that future family members can rediscover their own history. They reflect the social culture and offer insight into how life was throughout history and how it has changed. However, the album is not just simply made using the camera it is made by a collaboration between the family and is ever-expanding.

This body of work represents the collaboration with my Grandfather and his documentation of family through cine film. This small extract from our family archive documents a holiday in 1968 in which my Grandmother, Grandfather, and Mother visited Skegness; a popular holiday destination in my family for years.

I became interested in the moments my Grandfather saw as important enough to document through film, I wanted to understand how he worked and to see our family from his perspective. I picked out places I recognized from my own childhood and began to reinterpret the archive and create animated moments that represent a second of time back in 1968. These seconds constantly repeat themselves, again and again, mimic our memory of the past and allow it to become clearer.

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